Spearmint Patchouli

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This is one in a million patchouli bar! It has apple mint leaves, that were grown organically in my garden! The mint cuts the potency of the patchouli making it one to be loved by patchouli lovers AND haters alike!

Patchouli makes its way from exotic India and is helpful with skin inflammation, fungal infection, acne, eczema, and dandruff. Combined with organically grown spearmint leaves, it is sure to soothe any aches you have from a long day of work.

The apple spearmint leaves used in this soap are home grown! From my garden, so I can guarantee they are organic and chemical free.

5 oz

Ingredient: Olive oil, coconut oil, apple spearmint leaf, and a Cake Face blend of essential oils including spearmint and patchouli. Heart and soul . All of these products are my own recipes, you will not find them anywhere else.

100% Natural 100% Handmade 100% Vegan