About us

A clean way to clean!

All products made at Cake Face Soaping are as natural as can be. We understand the importance and are constantly striving to maintain the purest values. Our ingredients are never tested on animals and we do not use any animal by products in our line.

Style & Quality

All design is done in-house, as is all printing, packaging, and labeling. We are growning many herbs and flowers that are packed into our products. Trust in us, our garden is grown responsibly—no pesticides or GMO. In addition, we use essential oils to enhance the skin benefits of our line, not artificial or synthetic fragrances, because we personally have seen the improving benefit it has on the skin, mind, and overall well being or a person.


We remain these three things! EVERY product abides by our mission statement.

By keeping our business on the smaller side, we are able to make product in small batches, shipped fresh, so they do not need synthetic preservatives. We go above and beyond when it comes to quality and we think that is evident in our final product!

Who are we? or maybe I should say 'Who am I'...My name is Kelsey Foreman. I am a Louisiana native, artist, and animal lover. I started making soap right before my last semester of graphic design school for fun. At that time, I had been suffering with a chronic illness and had learned so much about alternative medicine and I think that is really where Cake Face Soaping comes from. It has become a creative outlet that allows me to use my knowledge of alternative health and share it with others in a simple way. I do not claim to heal anyone with my products, but I do feel they can provide a level of happiness and we all know how much being happy can improve a person's well being. So, nice to meet you and I hope you fall in love with the products I've made and I hope they truly work for you!

Work with us!

We really enjoy working with individuals who likewise appreciate the effort of using all natural ingredients. If you would like to carry our line or collaborate, get in touch by emailing us about wholesale! (cakefacesoaping@gmail.com)  Cake Face Soaping can also provide Private Label products for your brand. Get in touch so we can create something just right for you.

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