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Soap Bitties Assortment

Soap Bitties Assortment

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Itty Bitty Soap Bitties – Single Use Soaps 

Whether you're out running errands or enjoying that hard earned vacation, it's always great to have trustworthy soap with you! No one else has touched it and you can have peace of mind knowing it will clean your hands properly! You can even share it with your friends. 

Each soap piece is long lasting because it has been cured for 3 months or more and that also means it has super sudsing qualities. 

  The Blend:
– This bag contains an assortment of the various soaps we offer. It's a smorgasbord of soapy happiness!

  The Ingredients:
– Definitely contains Olive oil, coconut oil, botanicals, and essential oils.
– May contain a mixture of any of our full sized bars available.

Enjoy every day wherever you are with clean hands!

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We'd love to see our Soap Bitties in action! Send us a pic or tag us on social media @cakefacesoaping.

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