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Cake Face Soaping

Sleep Help Roll-on perfumed oil

Sleep Help Roll-on perfumed oil

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Stop the clock watching!

If your sleeping problem is falling asleep...this will help. Lavender and lemon essential oils both help slow your mind down so you can stop making those to-do lists and planning your week when you are trying to go to sleep. When you use this blend, take 10 deep breaths and you'll be in dream land before you know it.

1/3 oz. glass roll on bottle with steel ball to use directly on skin. Travel size. Rub on temples, wrists, and/or nape of neck. 

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, a Cake Face blend of essential oils including lavender and lemon.

Diluted at a rate of 3.33% so it is safe to use directly on skin. See info on EO Safety and Pregnancy.

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