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Cypress Charcoal soap scraps 1 pound

Cypress Charcoal soap scraps 1 pound

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If you follow @cakefacesoaping on Instagram you'll have seen process videos of soap production for a special product called The Bird Project for a sweet company called Goods That Matter. We end up with soap scraps from that project and decided to share them with you!

The soap is a translucent glycerin soap that is made from scratch in our shop. The soap is scented with Cypress fragrance oil and also has activated charcoal and aloe vera in it for extra moisturizing qualities. 

Buy it by the pound and lather it up wherever you please whether it be used as a hand, face, or body wash...this soap hits the mark.

Sold by the pound.


How to use

Safe to use on body, face, and hair.


Ships within 1-2 days.

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Clean skin care for all!

We only use good stuff to make our products and we hope that our good intentions shine through and put a smile on your face when you hold Cake Face Soaping in your hands.