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Bubble Bath Bag

Bubble Bath Bag

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The BEST way to take a bubble bath – with natural soap! 

Here's an idea – soap pouch + soap bits = bubbly, sudsy, scrubby washcloth ready to go. Just add water! Filled with half a pound of an assortment of our best sellers.

Use it as an all natural alternative to the typical liquid bubble bath you find at the stores. Hang this bag under your tub faucet and as the hot water cascades over the bag it makes big, fluffy bubbles! 

This perfectly scrubby pouch is made of sisal rope and can be closed tightly to keep your soaps inside. Hang to dry after every use. 

Best bang for your buck.

Looking for just soap bits? Click here 

Want more than that? Get a 5 pound box of assorted soaps  here!




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