Aromatherapy Survival Kit (6) - CakeFaceSoaping
Aromatherapy Survival Kit (6) - CakeFaceSoaping

Aromatherapy Survival Kit (6)

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Survive the madness of daily life with the aroma survival kit! Headache? No problem when you have our Head + Tension soother. Can't sleep? Dreams are seconds away when you sniff our Sleep Helper. Freaking out over deadlines, exams, or finances? Take a few deep breaths with our Mental Stress blend. Tight, sore muscles from stress or working out? Muscle Aches is perfect for helping those kinks unkink. Perk up your brain with the Energizer or get focused with the Mental Focus blend. You can do it all!

These are made by infusing grapeseed oil with the perfect amount of therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Set includes 10ml roller bottles of Headache relief, Sleep Helper, Mental Stress, Muscle Aches, Energizer, Mental Focus.

This item donates 2 trees!


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