face mapping for acne

Understanding Face Mapping for Acne

Understanding Face and Body Mapping for acne

You may not have ever thought of this, but the location of your acne and the type of acne you have is actually alerting you to an imbalance on the inside of your body. Both the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices have used Face Mapping for ages to discover the root causes behind breakouts.  

Here is a straight-forward breakdown of what your acne is telling you:

Forehead Breakouts
Acne on your forehead is often linked to digestive issues or an unhealthy diet high in processed and sugary foods. Do you eat a lot of that? If so, simply reduce or eliminate those foods from your diet for a couple weeks and see if your skin clears up. If it does, well then, now you have a real reason to quit eating junk food! It’s not doing anything good for you anyways, trust me, let it go. If you eliminate those foods and you’re still breaking out, check you sleep schedule and stress levels. Inadequate sleep and high stress levels will cause breakouts. Do what you can to find some time for peace and quiet and get into a good bedtime routine so you can sleep better. 

Between the Eyebrows
Sometimes called the “anger area,” breakouts here are associated with issues related to the liver, as well as tension and an excessive intake of alcohol or rich foods. Cut back on these things to see if it helps.

Large cysts or clusters of bumps on the cheeks can potentially indicate respiratory problems, drinking too many beverages that dehydrate the body, or even teeth grinding while sleeping. Additionally, take note of how often you rest your cheeks on your hands. Is your pillow case cleaned regularly? These can all have an effect on your skin.

Mouth and Chin
Flare-ups around the mouth and chin area tend to correspond with hormonal imbalances triggered by the menstrual cycle, birth control, pregnancy, or medical conditions impacting androgen levels. Keeping a good skin care routine will help you mitigate these fluctuations throughout the month.

Jawline and Neck
Similar to the chin, pimples along the jawline and neck can often be traced back to fluctuating hormones. Poor diet, inadequate hydration, and blocked lymphatic system can all be causes. Try doing lymphatic drainage in the shower daily to help release toxins.

Face Mapping is one part of a holistic approach to skin care, it’s a useful diagnostic tool to identify problematic areas and make appropriate lifestyle adjustments. Combine this knowledge with a proven daily skin care routine, and you’ll be on your way to glowy, healthy skin in no time!

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