Bath Bombs are here...FINALLY!

Bath Bombs are here...FINALLY!

Yaaa! Finally!

It took us a while, but we're onboard now!

Introducing our first line of bath bombs, Cake Face's Totally Natural Bath Bomb collection! It will have you relaxed in no time and feeling soft and silky. Each bomb is handcrafted with natural ingredients, essential oils, and minimal colorant. 

Find our fan favorite blends in bomb form ready for your tub!! We made videos too that you will see on each product page. Our bath bombs are available in MEGA and MINI sizes.

To celebrate use code BOMB for 15% off until June 20th.

All bath bomb order placed now until June 20th will ship out on June 27th. We are going to sell these as pre-order for now so we can judge how popular they are and in the future we may move to having them readily available for purchase. Please let us know how you feel about this, the bombs, and our products anytime by writing a review on the product page, or contacting us by email and social media!

Have a great day and happy baths!

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