The unsung hero: Grapefruit Essential oil!

The unsung hero: Grapefruit Essential oil!

The Zest of Life – Grapefruit Essential Oil

Okay, let’s talk about an unsung hero in the essential oil world – Grapefruit Essential Oil! 


  • Natural cleanser and purifier both in skin care and cleaning your home!
  • The perfect toner oil because of it’s astringent properties. It will help refine pores and balance oil production with regular use. Add a couple drops and some witch hazel to a cotton ball and rub your skin in circular motion to get the best results!
  • Mood lifter! It’s a happy oil, that is because it’s a citrus. Simply sniffing it can lighten your day.
  • Use it to help reduce cravings when trying to lose weight.They say if you sniff grapefruit, it will curb your appetite…worth a shot, right?!

Cake Face Products with Grapefruit Essential oil:

DIY Facial Toner:
• 8 ounces Pure Witch Hazel
• 0.20 ounces Energizer Blend

The BEST way to apply toner is with a cotton ball. Simply apply a few drops to the cotton ball and apply in circular motion to your skin. You'll be surprised how much dirt and dead skin cells this grabs. Have fun!

Or buy one already made on Amazon here!

So now you know what grapefruit essential oil can do for you! I hope you found this helpful. Keep an eye out next week where we will highlight another Cake Face ingredient!

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