Dry Skin Soothing Bundle

Dry Skin Soothing Bundle

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Keeping your skin moisturized is not only important for health reasons but also for comfort! Itchy, flaky, uncomfortable dry skin can be embarrassing and a nuisance but you found our Dry Skin Soothing bundle and can live with supple, moisturized skin instead! 

Kit Includes:

Black + Blue soap bar - made with moisture loving olive oil and shea butter so that you can clean your skin and moisturize it at the same time! This bar is loved by our customers who have eczema because it allows their skin to retain all moisture.

Lavender Lemon Lotion - The best of our lotion blends for dry skin because both of these essential oils calm redness and soothe itching. Our lotion base includes some really special ingredients too like pumpkin seed oil and pistachio oil to help plump your skin and retain its youth.

Body Butter - the main ingredient here is shea butter and we added hemp seed oil and fractionated coconut oil to encourage new cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties.

Luscious Lips - Cocoa butter and mango butter for moisturization and  pumpkin seed oil for hydration to make sure your lips are getting the nutrients they need and then we added peppermint essential oil and candelila wax to plump and seal in all those nutrients.



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