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Sugar N' Spice

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Our most gentle but effective glycolic acid exfoliator soap made with raw cane sugar, cinnamon, and coco powder. 

This silky smooth soap will remove old skin cells from the surface so newer, younger cells can let their light shine! You'll leave the shower feeling so soft you'll want to put on a sleeveless top to show off your new glow!

The smell of this bar is a spiced licorice scent that comes from the amyris essential oil and star anise essential oil blended with floral notes of lavender and warm vanilla undertones. We chose these essential oils for their beauty enhancing qualities.

4 oz

Ingredient: Olive oil, coconut oil, raw cane sugar, brown sugar, coco powder, cinnamon, and a Cake Face blend of essential oils including amyris, lavander, star anise, and vanilla. Heart and soul .

100% Natural 100% Handmade 100% Vegan



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